2 thoughts on “Links

  1. Jonathan Lloyd

    Hi Nicky, My interest in the Thornham Parva retable is painting and particularly Medieval painting rather than religious. You don’t get one without the other! What a fantastic piece though! As a result of the iconoclasm of the English Reformation one could easily believe we didn’t actually paint before the 1500s, but It proves to me that we were right up there with the best of European painters of the time. My reference to Dazzle Camouflage seemed appropriate for a painting that had been hidden and under the RADAR for so many centuries. Best wishes, Jonathan


  2. houseofknitting Post author

    Thank you so much for enlightening me. It is refreshing to see inspiration drawn from such early work, and with a modern twist. I shall follow your future work with interest. Best wishes, and thank you again. Nicky



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