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Contextual studies, Project 2, Stage 2, Analyse three pieces of work

27 May 2016

In this task I have analysed three pieces of work from the six artists that I chose to research in stage 1, using the same questions and methods as Project 1, stage 3.

The artists whose work I selected were:

  1. Sheila Hicks
  2. Louise Bourgeois
  3. Sonia Delaunay

Contextual Studies, Project 2, Stage 1, Research six artists or designers

3 May 2016

For this stage I had to select six artists or designers who I particularly admire to study, taken from any period from/ the beginning of the twentieth century to the present day. The task was to source information about their individual achievements. 

For this study, I followed the same format that I have outlined in Project 1, stage 1, the only difference being that I included a short explanation of why I chose each of the artists at the start of the section on the research about them.

My choice was as follows:

  1. Sheila Hicks
  2. Judith Scott
  3. Rozanne Hawksley
  4. Louise Bourgeois
  5. Sonia Delaunay
  6. Phyllis Barron and Dorothy Larcher

In making my selection, I did consider whether I should have chosen a more diverse group. All of my choices are female, white (and with the exception of Sonia Delaunay), European or North American (Judith Scott being a different, having worked in cultural and social isolation). It is perhaps because of their gender and cultural similarity to myself, that I find their work engaging and easy to relate to? Conversely, it could be read that I am not open-minded about other cultures and social groups (the fact that I am aware, hopefully means this is not the case).


The references for my research are listed in the bibliography.