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This blog is now closed to new entries

31 August 2016

This concludes my studies for “Textiles 1: Exploring ideas”, and there will be no further entries made to this blog. If you would like to follow my progress on my next course, please refer to the following link: “Textiles 1: Mixed media for textiles”.


Assignment 5 – tutor reports and comments

1 August 2016

Textiles 1: Exploring ideas, Assignment 5: Personal project

Tutor report:

My tutor Report for Assignment 5: Personal project can be found by clicking on the link, which will direct you to a .pdf document located in Dropbox.


My response:

I worked hard to demonstrate progression of my ideas through sketchbook and sampling to finished piece, so I’m glad that my tutor recognised this in my submission. Once again, she also commented on my developing creative voice, which I am delighted is apparent within my work.

The main learning point from my final assignment is not to be frightened about working intuitively. My tutor recognised it as having the advantage of making sure my piece was not too tight or fixed in expectations. Although I naturally tend to find uncertainty unsettling, I need learn to be more relaxed and see the strengths and benefits of a flexible, intuitive approach.

My tutor correctly identified the importance of sketchbooks to me as part of the creative process and suggested that I draw regularly. She also highlighted some particularly effective stitched samples within the sketchbook which have possibilities for further development using different materials and layering.

There was a suggestion that I should present my samples in a presentation box for assessment. I am in the process of making a presentation frame/box for this purpose.



Assignment 4 – tutor reports and comments

30 June 2016

Textiles 1: Exploring ideas, Assignment 4: Contextual studies

Tutor report:

My tutor Report for Assignment 4: contextual studies can be found by clicking on the link, which will direct you to a .pdf document located in Dropbox.

My response:

I feel comfortable with researching, analysing and summarising information, so I was pleased that my tutor recognised my submission as an “excellent body of considered research materials”. Most gratifying, were her comments regarding expression of my personal voice through reflection and opinion, and recognition of the connections I’d made to my own practice.

One of the pointers she gave me for my final assignment was to keep my project work tight and focused. I am aware that I have the tendency to get carried away with sample making, and make perhaps too many. This can lead me to a “conundrum” as to which to develop, with many promising lines of enquiry and too little time to engage them all. Maybe a different division of time is needed, with less sampling and more time allocated to developing an idea? (At present I give roughly 50% to each) 

My tutor has also picked up on my lack of confidence, and told me to “have faith in my own discernment and selection”. Confidence is an area I need to work on. Sometimes I have a tendency to be afraid of producing a poor visual outcome, and I certainly do not want this to inhibit me from taking risks.

The final point I would like to discuss is the suggestion that I might like to “play with scale”. I am particularly interested in area scale and, this being a line of enquiry which I have touched on in my sampling for Assignment 3, and which I would like to develop further.