Contextual studies, Project 1, Stage 3, Review of artworks

27 April 2016

This study requires a choice of two pieces of work representative of two of the artists/designers taken from the list at the start of Project 1. I selected work by Lucienne Day and Tracey Emin. 

The course notes ask that students choose illustrations of the artwork, taking care to bear in mind that texture, colour and scale are often not well represented. I tried to select the best quality images available, preferably from the Bridgeman online library or other reputable source. 

The course notes pose a series of questions for the student to answer. Although they appeared straightforward, many of the answers were difficult to source, and/or required thought – for example whether the piece has elements of a political or propaganda nature.

In preparation for this stage, I also read the suggested text by Mary Pointon (1). It was useful, not only in helping me understand the rationale for interrogating a work of art, but also in analysing the way others write about art, and the influence of surroundings and juxtapositioning of additional artwork in the context of that which is being studied.

The section was more work than I had anticipated, but it demonstrated how much more interesting art becomes when you delve into the “who, where, how, when and why”. Not only does it inform about the work being studied, but puts the piece into into context of the rest of the artsist’s work, and wider, that of art history and the major movements and styles.


1. Pointon, M (2014) History of Art. A student handbook. 5th Edition. London and New York. Routledge.

N.B. References pertaining to answering the questions on the artwork are contained in the bibliography.


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