Assignment 3 – tutor reports and comments

25 May 2016

Textiles 1: Exploring ideas, Assignment 3: Reveal and conceal

Tutor report:

My tutor report For Assignment 3 – Reveal and conceal can be found by clicking on the link which will direct you to a .pdf document located in Dropbox.

My response:

I used this assignment to explore alternative materials and made a conscious effort to be bold and experimental. It is very gratifying  that my tutor has been so complimentary. Whilst I want to continue in the same vein, I am also aware that I need to push myself to improve. 

One excellent suggestion from my tutor, was that I could have considered distorting my samples through twisting, bunching, scrunching and stretching. I can imagine that this would produce some very interesting results and it is definitely a technique I will use in future. 

As my tutor mentions, my work will be enriched further by reference to other artists’ practice. I am beginning to appreciate the merits of this approach as I work through assignment 4 (contextual studies). 

I believe that there is scope for further improvement in my sketchbooks. At the moment they consist mostly of photographs, drawings and mark-making analogies. I feel that if I can combine more fabric/yarn samples (and maybe small worked swatches) then this will help to stimulate my creativity still further, and will also aid the selection process.

Although the materials-led approach gives great freedom, my inclination is that sketchbook work is probably a better stimulus for my creativity. It is good to know that the two needn’t be mutually exclusive, and in future I may choose to use them in tandem.


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