Reveal and conceal, Stage 4, Researching source material

7 March 2016

I spent about two weeks developing sketchbooks in support of this assignment. 

Initially, I found it difficult to reconcile the idea of the assignment being materials led with the introduction of sketchbook work at Stage 4. Clarification from my tutor helped me to understand that the purpose of the sketchbook is to supplement and enrich. I therefore started with the idea that I would target my sketchbook to contain material relevant to the samples I had produced. If my samples suggested or reminded me of a object, scenery, or mood, then I collected related imagery, before exploring and developing it through analogy. 

This was straightforward with the netting knitting and woven workshops. However, paper lamination and inkjet printing were necessarilary more sketchbook led, because they rely on images. These techniques suggest fragility and fracture, which I used as a prompt for choosing and developing imagery to fit and make sence in context of the materials and methods.

All of the discussion and response to my sketchbook work is documented alongside images in the sketchbooks. Some of my sketchbook work is not exclusively related to samples, but includes topics which could be developed with more time (e.g. Sketchbook 1, 2f) triangular grids).  Hopefully I will have an opportunity later in the course.


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