Assignment 2 – Tutor report and comments

22 February 2016

Textiles 1: Exploring ideas, Assignment 2: Screen printing


Tutor report:

My tutor report for Assignment 2 – Screen printing can be found by clicking on the link, which will direct you to a .pdf document located in Dropbox.  

My response:

I am delighted that my tutor has found so much to praise, and particularly (having spoken to her), that she feels I am improving.

The most important learning points for me are:

  1. Early in the assignment I decided that my final piece would be a complex, multi-layer design. However, reading my tutor’s comments, I can see that this probably caused me to overlook simpler designs which may have been more effective. The learning point is therefore not to allow fixed preconceptions to influence my sample choice.
  2. In general, to become more effective at selecting the best samples for development and progression. This is an area which I find difficult.

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