A screen print with paper scraps

15 February 2016

I hadn’t done a screen print using paper off-cut stencils with fabric, although I had done prints with torn paper pieces during a course in September/October at Gainsborough House printmaking workshop.

Still using up print-paste from assignment 2, I scattered some hole-punch cut outs over some pinned-out cotton sheeting which had been pre-mordanted with soda ash solution. I used a blank screen to print squares over the fabric, and as I did so, the small paper circles were picked up on the back of the screen, so they appeared as a resist on subsequent prints.

The initial image when the print-paste was still wet was crisp and quite stunning due to contrast of white and dark (see below)

After batching, rinsing (first with cold water, then Colsperse solution) and drying, the dye-paste had bled slightly into the white areas and the pattern was not as pronounced (and unfortunately no longer dramatic, and somewhat lacking impact).

I think this is just the nature of dye-paste (e.g. prints are not as ‘clean’ as with fabric paint or Selectacine). My understanding is that dye paste penetrates the fibres, staining them through, whereas paints colour the fabric surface.

I also took the opportunity to use the blank screens for printing a background. Below are the results.

 ……… Some interesting fabric which I will keep for future use (possibly overprinting, or discharge).



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