More screen printing with Procion dye-paste

8 February 2016

Having discovered the reason for my ‘washed out’ screen prints in assignment 2, I wanted to repeat some of the work use the improved dye-paste.

I had made a second stencil using a different pattern of acrylic paint resist, which I taped to the back of a screen.

Using the same method as before I printed with dye-paste in progressively different colours, starting with yellow at the top left.


Order of printing

  1. Top left: yellow
  2. Bottom left: brown, 1st pass
  3. Top middle: brown, 2nd pass
  4. Bottom middle: green, 1st pass
  5. Top right: green, 2nd pass
  6. Bottom right: green 3rd pass
I was pleased with the vibrancy of the cloth and the interesting marks which evolved throughout out the process.

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