The visual imagery of words

12 February 2016

I have started writing poem again. Poetry is linked with songwriting through lyrics – something I did a lot of in my teenage years. 

Trying to express the value of poetry in creating art is difficult. For me, the act of writing poetry brings new thoughts and ideas to the surface of my consciousness. I also find that it is a catalyst for visual imagery; when I read a poem, a picture or series of pictures start to develop in my minds-eye, expressing the emotion of the written word.

As well as being thought-provoking, poetry and/or words can also be used literally as text within a piece of art. Tracey Emin is an example of an artist who frequently includes text in her work (1), but there are many others.

I am keen to explore all avenues and I will be including poems alongside my sketchbook work to see what visual outcomes they suggest.


1. Colchester, C. (2009) “Textiles today”: a global survey of trends and traditions” Thames and Hudson. London.


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