Interpreting creativity

12 February 2016

I have always considered creativity as one of my strengths, however the mark I received in formal assessment of module 1 was disappointing. 

It was only after receiving my tutor’s feedback from assignment 1 of Exploring ideas, that the penny began to drop. I was praised for being particlarly creative in one of my designs. In the example, I had first made a 3-D model based on one of my drawings. I then photographed the model, manipulated, duplicated and arranged the images to make a pattern. I had considered this as being a bit ‘off topic’ because my design had only the most tenuous of relationships to the original idea, and had been created by a convoluted process. 

My idea of creativity had been concerned with “the ability to translate concepts into textile projects – i.e. the ability to communicate ideas through the medium of textiles”. I now understand that translation of concept is not necessarily essential, providing a good visual outcome is achieved, and so long as the artist is not intent on projecting a particular message. In other words, it is permissable to arrive at a point of visual exploration which is far removed from the original topic (this is actually a very creative thing to do!)

The OCA assessment criteria for creativity define it as “imagination, experimentation, invention, development of a creative voice”. I feel that I now have a better ideas as to how this should be interpreted.




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