A focus on sketchbooks

12 February 2016

I have been struggling to find a good way to approach my general sketchbook work, and to ensure I am focused and give it the time and attention it needs. 

I am quite disciplined when it comes to drawing, and I sketch regularly. However, finding the time to do ‘studio work’ outside the formal structure of the OCA coursework has proved tricky. By this, I mean developing design ideas from drawings using different media, assembling pieces of yarn and fabric, making textile samples, exploring general mark-making and colour work. 

I have decided to dedicate a number of sketchbooks on different themes which I can add to over the duration of my studies. The initial themes will be:


For general study:

  • Mark-making
  • Colour
Specific topics:
  • The coast
  • Buildings
  • Identity


I already have a themed sketchbook on the subject of the nature reserve at Redgrave and Lopham Fen, which I developed during my studies for Textiles 1: A Creative approach. I found that I gained creative synergy by taking this approach. Arranging my sketches and source material in a book prompted new ideas, and I found that analogies which seemed uninteresting or uninspiring alone could gain a new energy and life when assembled together.



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