Textile artist.org

17 January 2016

I have subscribed to textileartist.org, a community of practicing and established textile artists and trainers, amateurs and students. It is fronted by brother team Joe and Sam Pitcher, sons of textile artist Sue Stone. Patronage includes articles well known textile practitioners such as Jane Dunnewold’s, Cas Holmes, Jean Draper and Alice Kettle.

Having watched the series of free training videos “Building creative stamina”, I was somewhat disappointed to find that these were in reality sales pitches for a paid course. However, I applaud the business model – very interactive and responsive, I was invited to comment on whether the videos were relevant (which they were) and I got a personal response from both Joe & Sam and Jane Dunnewold! These were followed up by more sales-related e-mails. 

What is comforting is that was that every point raised in the training videos is a re-enforcement of the work I am doing for my OCA degree, so it was easy to make the decision that there would be no benefit from subscribing.

The biggest plus of the website is the blog posts. They have really interesting and relevant articles written by a wide rage of textile practitioners (which include some OCA tutors). All in all it is a great resource ad a website which I’m sure I will be returning to on a regular basis.


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