Assignment 1 – Tutor report and comments

8 December 2015

Textiles 1: Exploring ideas, Assignment 1: Cultural fusions


Tutor report:

Even after converted to MS Word, formatting prevented me cutting and pasting the report directly into my WordPress blog. Therefore, my tutor report for Assignment 1 – Cultural fusions  can be found by clicking on the link, which will direct you to a .pdf document located in Dropbox.  

My response:

I could not have been happier with the positive and encouraging comments from my tutor. I had put a lot of effort into realigning my design work to what I believed was required. I feel that all my hard work and effort is starting to pay off and I am delighted.

The most important learning points for me are:

  1. To narrow my lines of enquiry earlier, so that I can really focus and push ideas further.
  2. The fabric manipulation sample was the only one where I allowed myself to slip back into “neatness and precision”. My tutor was right to suggest that I could have considered extending the sample and making it more meaningful through some type of disintegration or distressing. I must continue to guard against being neat and tidy at the expense of expression and creativity.
  3. My tutor’s suggestion of tying in the Native American ethos of respect for the environment with ethical sourcing, recycling or up cycling is very relevant and I agree that it could have enhanced and strengthened my practical work.
  4. I understand that storyboards are to be focused on inspirational imagery, samples and design work, and that they should be “mood orientated” rather than presenting a series of processes leading to an outcome. 
  5. I have taken on board my tutor’s suggestion to include a bibliography in my learning log. I have found it useful as a summary for my referencing and it has also served as an aide memoire to ensure there are no omissions.

Please also see blog post Interpreting creativity 


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