“The Bank” Eye, winter exhibition

26 November 2015

The Bank” is a community arts centre and coffee shop in the small Suffolk village of Eye. I went to view their winter exhibition with a couple of other OCA students.

The exhibitors were by local artists, and work covered all subjects and media. The quility of wor was variable, but there were a couple of artists which particularly interested me. Unfortunately, neither have a presence on the web, so I am unable to properly reference their work. I did however make some sketches and notes during my visit.

The first artwork of interest was a large rectangular canvas by Sami Malik. He/she has used blue and green palette to define an ovoid shape (see below)

On closer inspection the image seemed to represent an adult body curled into the foetal position. There was not much detail in the painting, but the way the blues and green were used to define shadows and outlines was interesting. The feeling was cool, calm and restful. Sami had used some sort of textural effects on the canvass too. It was difficult to see how this was achieved because the painting was placed so high up on the wall. It could have been textured tissue paper.

The second exhibitor who interested me was Malka Scholton. His/her artwork were large pastel landscapes of scenes along the Suffolk coast. What was interesting was that stunning effects were achieved with very economical use of mark and colour.

The example above shows a very strong composition. To the left, the image of the cliff almost fills the paper, dominating and leaving little sky. The perspective is dramatic with the cliff and beach receding quickly into the background. As a viewer you feel as if you are standing right under the cliff. 

The mark-making was almost akin to a quick sketch done on the beach. The few marks were bold and purposeful. In the foreground to the right was a huge area of rock in shadow, which had little detail. This helped to balance the large area of cliff-face to the left and drew the eye along the cliff to the church in the horizon on the right.

The background paper was black. I would not have thought of using this base colour, but it was extremely effective. It made the pale grey/blue sky stand out. The grain of the paper also helped to give textural qualities to the clouds, cliff and beach. Most of the pastel drawing was brown, black and grey/blue. Tiny areas of accent colour (lemon and pink) were used to give a hint of light touching certain areas, and this gave the drawing a tremendous lift of interest. 





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