A lesson in screen printing

Aug 2015

I am lucky enough to know a textiles teacher, who was also kind enough to spend a morning explaining and demonstrating the basics of screen printing.

We made a screen together by stapling a polyester mesh across a flat edged picture frame, and edging it was brown paper tape. We mixed selectacine pigment with binder and printed using a simple paper stencil. First on paper, then on a fabric tea-towel.


Margaret also explained about preparing and cleaning the mesh, as well as some of the other techniques including using drawing fluid and filler. We also talked about thermofax printing and I looked at some examples from Margaret’s sketchbook (she is also an OCA student whom I met through our local group “East Anglia Extreme”)

Although not used, it would be possible to use the negative image as a stencil and/or reuse and overlap the flower stencils.

This is just the very first step for me but it helped me to understand how screen printing actually works (very difficult from the course notes alone!). As a beginner, it was very difficult to know how to hold the squeegee, how much paint to apply and how much pressure.


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